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Vizual Edge Performance Training Powered by Thera-Peds, LLC


What is Vizual Edge?

  • Vizual Edge Performance Trainer delivers a powerful series of 3-D computer-based vision improvement tools.

  • designed to be a critical part of an athlete's overall training program.

  • because it's web-based, your sessions and data follow you wherever you go.

  • Most athletes train with Vizual Edge 1 to 3 times per week for between 6 and 30 weeks.

  • Each training session lasts up to 20 minutes. Most athletes use 12 to 60 sessions.

  • Vizual Edge can easily be integrated into a complete training plan without affecting any physical workouts.


How does it work?

  • Start with an evaluation - the program evaluates the athlete’s vision in four areas: depth perception, flexibility, recognition, and tracking.

  • Upon completion of the evaluation a training program is created that caters to the athlete’s needs in the specific areas.  Duration of program can be flexible based on the needs of the athlete.

  • Exercise and conditioning of vision is as important as exercise and conditioning of muscles in sports.


Why add VEPT to the training?

  • VEPT is a low-impact complement to a coach’s or parent’s training plan and it can be seamlessly integrated into an overall conditioning program without interfering with any existing strategies. In fact, it’s an excellent off-field or off-court element that athletes can work with at home, in a dorm or in a training facility—anytime and anywhere there’s a web connection.

For more information call Thera-Peds, LLC (573)468-3373 or email Matt at

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