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Matt is a 1997 graduate of Lindenwood University in St. Charles where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Service Agency Management and a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice.  Matt successfully managed several small business throughout his career before receiving his teaching certificate in 2011.  Matt  began teaching English and coaching at the high school level for Sullivan School District in 2011-2012 and continues to hold this position today.   Matt received his Master of Science in Education Administration from Missouri Baptist University in 2013.


Matt uses a unique blend of crafted teaching skills combined with "real world" experiences to create an environment of relevant and differentiated learning.  This strategy has proven successful as his students have improved reading, writing, and reasoning skills.  Matt specializes in making English and thinking easy.  Matt provides academic development for the at-risk student as well as the advanced student in classroom skills and standardized tests.


As a co-owner, Matt brings a wealth of business and practical experience to the practice as well as an educational perspective to enhancing pediatric development during the teenage years. He has continued his education and training focusing on positive behavior management, billing, coding and HIPAA regulations, as well as business leadership, marketing and multiple computer applications.


Matt Peregoy
Director of Academic Development


Business Manager



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